Sakha Wellness
Experience Yog Nidra with Sakha
Experience Yog Nidra with Sakha


"Sakha's Divine World

The only energy who rules all is "LOVE"

"Love brigs Faith, Compassion,
Devotion and Responsibility"

The only energy who rules all is "LOVE"

Let your love flower, Give it a chance to FLOWER

Therapies Without Medicines
Therapies Without Medicines

"Go Natural,
Go Organic"

Time to say bye to drugs and diseases
Come & Experience

Come & Experience

Life with SAKHA
Sakha Wellness
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A name among millions who searched for spirituality, struggled, failed and surged ahead to find success, happiness and contentment. Rowing through ups and downs, it was time that taught him the true meaning of life and he attained enlightenment nd with that his true purpose. “My life is my message” – Sakha And, since the time of that transformation, he has been offering his experiences and wisdom to the world in many different ways. “SHASHANK AANAND” the one who has never studied any Philosophy, Spiritual Knowledge …but After one occurrence by Existence His deep vision on every subject Social, Spiritual, Political, Mysterious, Science, Art, Sex, Human Emotional Relations, Love etc. makes him – “Spiritually Genius”. we can talk and come to a conclusion.
In Sakha’s guidance you not only grow spiritually but its aim to make you grow in every aspect of life, Sakha’s primary objectives or work areas are –

"Meditation & Beyond

“Sakha’s Yoga Nidra is the kind of science, in it, there is a way to awaken your consciousness very easily. There are only three paths- Yoga, Tantra & Bhakti, the last stage of all three is Yoga Nidra.”-Sakha

"Therapy Without Medicines

DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, INSOMNIA, STRESS, any psychological and health-related issues, any obstacle/struggles in life, here you come to the SOLUTIONS to all your Problems.


Don’t lose hope if you are facing any life problem or any kind of relationship, Break-up & Family Problems. Call anytime for an appointment from anywhere, we are there to hold your hand. Believe you are not alone, Stop Struggling. Call Now

”SAKHA "Parivar

This family is the most unique family in itself because no one is involved in any kind of relationship here. If you are in search of a new world for which you are willing to sacrifice not only your family but also the reason for which there is sorrow in your life.

Experience Life
with an Enlightened Master “SAKHA”


Sakha’s Ashram is a unique experience where you can STAY, HEAL & RELAX your body, mind & spirit. In which one can (Healing to Meditation & Beyond Meditation) TRANSFORM their LIFE COMPLETELY.

It is being given a chance through EXISTENCE that you can take every kind of guidance through the LIVING MASTER”. – “SAKHA (Shashank Anand)”

SAKHA, A Spiritual & Worldly Guide, A Friend..


It is rare to find a living master, fortunate are those who have got a master with them, come and feel the presence of “SAKHA” a living enlightened master and make your life more meaningful and lively.


Transformation has never been an easy process, however with a living master you start transforming in a much easier way. Once a living master takes your hand in his own, you make your journey easy and more enjoyable.


It is rare to find a living master, fortunate are those who have got a master with them, come and feel the presence of “SAKHA” a living enlightened master and make your life more meaningful and lively.

SAKHA introduced a very unique concept for the Material & Sanyas World : "SAKHA PARIVAR"

What is Sakha Parivar? Sakha Parivar is a commune or family were different people from different geography, religion, sex can love together with without any social or spiritual prejudice.. Here people live with love and respect for each other and try to support them in their spiritual quest under the guidance of Sakha. Here life is not taken for granted it’s taken with reverence and it’s a roll model family where people are accepted as they are without any judgement and it’s a true example of how a family should run.

Sakha's Wellness z TO A

 SAKHA’s WELLNESS, This method of treatment is  which is the oldest method through which the sages used to treat themselves, today in the same way the work is being done in SAKHA’s WELLNESS, SAKHA’S WELLNESS is such an effort that it is for everyone can prove effective.

SAKHA WELLNESS  ये उपचार की पद्धति ध्यान की पद्धति है जो प्राचीनतम विधि जिसके माध्यम से ऋषि मुनि अपना इलाज करते थे, आज उस ही तरीके से आज SAKHA’s  WELLNESS  में कार्य किया जा रहा है, SAKHA’S WELLNESS एक ऐसा प्रयास है  कि वो हर एक के लिए कारगर सिद्ध हो सके .

इसके लिए जितना संभव हो सका, दिए LINK “SAKHA’s WELLNESS केे माध्यम से  बताने की कोशिश की गयी है .

If you are suffering from “
Thyroid, Asthma, Diabetes, Arthritis, Migraine, Insomnia, Depression, Anemia & Weakness, Blood Pressure, Low Immunity, Gas & Acidity, Piles
Stress & more….
Contact us: + 91-8288863788, +91-9878887980
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Hydrogen Therapy

HYDROGEN used to work as NANO PARTICLE in a way, in the same way as in ancient times sage used to deliver HYDROGEN in excessive quantity in their body.

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RAAGA THERAPY gives you in-depth information about those tiny little parts of your body that you don’t even know about. RAAGA work in many ways.

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Under Jyotish Chikitsa, every person has a good time at a particular time, even in his worst times. You realize that 24 hours a day is never bad for you.

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Yog Nidra

Surrender is of great use, the art of surrender is the art of Yoga Nidra. If you want to understand the art of surrender of Yoga Nidra, then you have to explain it in the language of the Operation itself


With Sakha, people from all walks of life are connected and once they connect, they fall for long-term relationships with Sakha and Parivar.
Sakha is always surrounded by various people who are proficient in their respective jobs and they consistently facilitate Sakha Parivar by their respective skills and by all the possible means.


8 PM Kranti is a concept by Sakha where he is addressing and seeking solutions to various social, economic, ELECTRIFYING ISSUES that affect the common man every day. It is a very unique idea that is affecting people’s life drastically and by and by people are connecting with this revolutionary idea from every nook and corner of the world.

Live Organic Life

Sakha always chooses what is the most essential for all of us, and he sees what can make our life better. Sakha’s organic Hospital is the same concept which links with the very core of our life.
Today when it is almost impossible to find pure and organic hospital anywhere (few places or countries could be exceptions), Sakha understands this vital issue and this is why he has decided to make people aware about ORGANIC HOSPITAL & ORGANIC KRANTI.

Friendly Guidance

This is such a unique multi-faceted beginning in which Sakha online will provide such a philosophy where you will learn to live every aspect of life.

In this you will sometimes see the discussion of SAKHA PARIVAR, sometimes it can also be a matter of personal life, sometimes you can also see how I can give a message to the people even while cooking, how to meditate while laughing, Meditation will also be taught.

Whatever happens here will be REALISTIC, & many more things are going to happen in Sakha ki Pathshala.

Healthy Life without Medicines

Get online therapy and psychological counseling for depression, anxiety, panic attack, phobia, bipolar disorder, relationship issues, breakup, autism, sleep disorder, stress, anger issues & many more.

Step 1 – Connect with SAKHA
Connect with SAKHA  and consult confidentially with the help of secure online video counseling.

Step 2 – Discuss your concern

Discuss your concern

Get online mental health counseling by talking to Sakha and receive clarity in your thoughts and actions.

Step 3 – Become a Happier You

Build resilience and become a better version of yourself anytime, anywhere with the help of online counseling.


Adopt Organic Lifestyle

Grown or prepared without the use of chemicals or pesticides, as in organic food. Though it is not a new concept to go towards nature or organic ways of life, Sakha has successfully treated people with its organic foods and organic medicines. Sakha says if we want to avoid long hospital bills and want to live a healthy and prosperous life we have to go to nature again and we must understand the great importance of “organic needs to be our lifestyle now”. 
Eventually Sakha and the whole Sakha Parivar has taken these initiatives to facilitate and promote organic life styles and where he cures various incurable diseases just simply by these natural means. There are thousands of beneficiaries that are evident from his treatment.

Explore Sakha's Wisdom

Bring out your most audacious question on spirituality, mysticism,  life, death & Beyond

Not for the faint-hearted, this video platform from SAKHA offers content, Wisdom, Practical Life’s day-to-day solution, where he touches the various aspects of Life, exploring the spiritual & mystical, worldly & otherworldly, life, death and beyond.


We at Sakha provide various services to the nature of the clients. Wish how you would like to spend the time here
we can talk and come to a conclusion.

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We at SAKHA’s provide various services to the nature of the beloved co-passangers. Wish how you would like to spend the time here we can talk and come to a conclusion.

Key Highlights – SAKHA’s Yog Nidra , Therapies without Medication, Meditation & Beyond, Relationship Solutions.

*Anger Management, Depresson, Insomnia, Stress etc.
“If you dare to take a First step to help yourself, the whole existence starts helping you with all his ways.”


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