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 Yog Nidra is not a Meditation. It is “Beyond Meditation”. It is discovered by Enlightened Master Sakha (Shashank Aanand) with his own experience and Journey.  It is a Situation and Environment which is created by the Master with his own presence where anyone can experience the pleasure of deep Meditation. His deep vision and understanding has provide many solutions to the problems occurs in our day today life.

        Yog Nidra is a practice which once done will definitely changes your whole life within few days which is living miracle in this modern time. Living stress free, healthy life seems fairy tale story for today’s human being. People burning their whole life’s doing all kinds of Meditation’s, Yoga’s to just get a little glimpse of stress free and peaceful moment.

 Which also, most of them never experience.

       Yog Nidra makes you capable to live your life consciously in its fullest which one day leads you to the ultimate goal of your life without any friction.

        The Sakha’s Yog Nidra is the goal of both the paths, which deals in psychological & health solutions without medicines and simultaneously helps in day to day life problems,

 i.e. – Relationship Solution, Anger, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia , Fear & Neurological disorders and many more.

It helps even in every level of human behavior i.e.

Physical Level, Emotional Level , Mental Level & Conscious Level

Above all, most importantly it gives deep relaxation & gives a state of meditative consciousness called “Samadhi”.

Note:- Yog Nidra has to be practiced under the guidance of the experienced Master or Living awakened Guru.

​Caution: – Beware of any random broadcasted Yog Nidra, spreading on any social media platforms or any kind whatsoever.

“It may cause harm instead of benefit”.

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*Anger Management, Depresson, Insomnia, Stress etc.
“If you dare to take a First step to help yourself, the whole existence starts helping you with all his ways.”


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