Smile And Serve;
Serve And Smile.

Help us to make this Society Better.

Help us to fight against various ongoing issues that directly or indirectly affect your life. Sakha has been trying to fight against all issues for many years and more or less people have also started realizing this very fact that how these issues can affect and how we can fight such issues.

Thus to make our society better you’re requested help us and Donate.

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We can and we'll contriute to make the society better

Help us protect and nurture the future of our country, our children and community with a holistic & effective response to fight the corruption, injustice, and issues that are affecting everyone.

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Friday & Saturday

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We at SAKHA’s provide various services to the nature of the beloved co-passangers. Wish how you would like to spend the time here we can talk and come to a conclusion.

Key Highlights – SAKHA’s Yog Nidra , Therapies without Medication, Meditation & Beyond, Relationship Solutions.

*Anger Management, Depresson, Insomnia, Stress etc.
“If you dare to take a First step to help yourself, the whole existence starts helping you with all his ways.”


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