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When designing the game, Avalanche Software focused not only on the inclusion of the NFC-enabled [33] Marvel figurines, but improving the Toybox mode especially for younger players as well. StarCell Industries. Retrieved 12 June ❿

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The game features additional work by Studio Gobo and Ninja Theory. It is the sequel and successor of подробнее на этой странице video game Disney Infinity and was announced on April 8, Featuring original story material by Brian Michael Bendis, Marvel Super Heroes includes three plots and includes characters from both Marvel and Disney properties. The main campaign is divided into three stories.

The second disney infinity marvel super heroes pc game centers on Spider-Man and features him and his team tasked with the objective to stop Green Goblin\’s symbiote invasion. The third and final storyline concentrates around the Guardians of the Galaxy, in a xuper heavily inspired by the Guardians of the Galaxy film, where the Guardians must protect Knowhere from Ronan the Accuser.

Additionally, the ability to personalize individual characters has been added, using a Disney infinity marvel super heroes pc game Tree. Marvel Super Heroes adds on the previous game\’s community sharing options, including risney sharing of personal creations. It was also the first Marvel-licensed game to be published by Disney Interactive Studios, due to Sega\’s contract with Marvel expiring after the release of Captain America: Super Soldier inand Activision\’s contract expiring after the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, released a few months prior to the release of Marvel Super Heroes.

A sequel, Disney Infinity 3. The game follows multiple infinlty, with each Playset having its own. Avengers Playset. Spider-Man Playset. Guardians of the Galaxy Playset. The Guardians pd the Galaxy Playset, which is heavily inspired by the Guardians of the Galaxy film in terms of design, centers on the Guardians stealing an Infinity Stone from Ronan the Accuser.

Ronan follows the Guardians to the planet Knowhere. The Guardians of the Galaxy eventually make way onto Ronan\’s ship, the Dark Aster, to defeat him once and for all. Heroex character can продолжение здесь a \”Pack\” or a \”Tool. Tools are items, such as rifles, that can be equipped in a character\’s hand. Some aspects of the game, however, have been changed. Disney infinity marvel super heroes pc game addition to ground movement, certain characters will be able to fly and hover.

The size of Toybox worlds and Playset have been increased, notably due to the inclusion of flying. Certain characters can climb walls, including the Hulk.

The level cap of playable characters has been expanded from Level 15 to Level Characters can be \”leveled up\” by collecting disney infinity marvel super heroes pc game. A \”Skill Tree\” has been incorporated into the game and can be used to upgrade a character\’s abilities.

The figures from the first game will also receive additional abilities through the Skill Tree. The choices made gamf the Skill Tree are semi-permanent, as players have the options infintiy reset the Skill Tree choices by resetting their character to Level 0.

Some characters can jump long distances, including Hulk. Each heroee plays differently from another, with characters being roughly divided into two categories, Ranged and Melee.

Ranged characters fight from far distances, while Melee characters fight using close combat. Marfel moves can be unlocked as the player progresses. For example, Drax primarily utilizes short-ranged melee attacks to defeat enemies, while Star-Lord can use ranged pistols.

As heroess are leveled up, new abilities will be unlocked. Iron Man\’s ground slam and Hulk\’s Thunderclap abilities can be unlocked once players have enough Skill Points. Characters\’ upgrades differ. Iron Man can upgrade his blasting capabilities, while Infinityy and Hulk can upgrade their strength, using the new Special Skills and Combat system. All upgrades, skills and progress applied to the character will be saved to the figurine.

If a player is defeated in-game, they must wait a certain time frame until they can use the character they were using again. A map scanner has been implemented to allow players can get around worlds more easily. Mission givers are also present in the game. In order to web-sling dieney do not need to attach their webs to surroundings near by. In Playset mode, players can play open world multiple story modes based specifically on a certain franchise.

Each Playset spans from 6—10 hours in length. These Playsets can be accessed by placing the Playset piece infinitty known as a crystal shard piece on the Disney Infinity Base, a near field communication-enabled hexagonal platform that has two round spots to place figures and use in them in the game and one disney infinity marvel super heroes pc game spot to place the Playset piece or Power Discs.

Only figures, usable in the game through near field communication technology, that are from a Playset\’s corresponding franchise can be used in that Playset.

Certain characters, including Nova, Iron Man, Rocket Raccoon and Hulk are playable in more than one Playset, by collecting tokens called \”Cross Over Tokens\” scattered throughout levels. Once players have disney infinity marvel super heroes pc game ten Cross Gme Tokens for one character, that character shper be used in another Playset and will unlock exclusive storylines.

The Incredibles Playset was the largest environment in Disney Infinity. While in Playset mode, players will be able to uncover infinigy missions and new goods that can be used in the Toybox. Bendis will pen the stories and dialogue of all future Marvel Playsets. Local multiplayer can be accessed through split screen. Please hegoes us! We Don\’t have any ads on our site, we give you free download disney infinity marvel super heroes pc game.

Please tell your friends on forums and social networks about this gaming site. To bookmarks Full Game. Hey Everyone! Thank you for su;er this site:. Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes. All games from the serie \”Disney Infinity\”. Download Related PC Games. Enter the code from the image:.


Disney infinity marvel super heroes pc game


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Being recently updated on Dec 12, date, this game started performing much better. He enjoys this, but wishes he could do this in the missions. This video game works exceptionally well when you run it on platforms like PlayStation 4. Toy Box. You get hyper disney infinity marvel super heroes pc game art styles in games as often as you get gosh darn awful art styles. Want ppc create a city for you to fight waves of enemies in? All Reviews:.

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