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Select all objects you wish to include in the mask. Object Arrange. Object Clipping Mask. To group multiple objects, do the following: 1. Select all of the objects that you want to group together.

This can be done in two ways: 1 Hold down the SHIFT key and click on each object individually, 2 Starting in an empty space on the page, click and drag the mouse outward creating a marquee box around all of the objects you want to select. Grouping Objects. If you click over the newly grouped objects with the selection tool you will notice that they are bound together as one large object. For example, if you have a large image or graphic as a background for the page, you may select it and move it accidentally if you are not careful.

To help you avoid such situations, Illustrator CC has a function called Locking. When an object is locked it cannot be moved, adjusted, or altered in any way. Notice how Illustrator restricts the object from being altered in any way. To do this, you would use the Transparency palette. In this palette you can adjust the Opacity of an object. Under the Transparency tab Figure 18 , you will see a dropdown menu that holds all the blending options for applying transparencies.

To apply a transparency, do the following: 1. Select the object you want to apply the transparency to with the Selection tool. Choose which blending mode you want to use in the transparency.

Type in or drag the slider to the amount of opacity you wish to apply. Using styles, you can quickly and globally change the appearance of an object. To add a style, do the following: 1. Select the object with the Selection tool.

Click on the Graphic Styles tab Figure Select the style you wish to apply. Figure 1. Graphic Styles. This can be done by adding multiple effects to an object. To add an effect, do the following: 1.

Click on Effect in the menu bar at the top of the screen. Select the effect you want, set the parameters and click OK. Appearances You can specify which part of an object you add styles and effects to by using effects in the Appearance palette Figure The Appearance palette contains the following types of editable attributes: Fill – lists all ill attributes ill type, color, transparency, and effects Stroke – lists some stroke attributes stroke type, brush, color transparency, and effects Transparency – lists opacity and blending mode NOTE: All other stroke attributes are displayed in the Stroke palette.

You can duplicate strokes and ills in the Appearance palette which allows you to have multiple strokes and ills with different effects and styles on a single object. An appearance attribute can be changed or removed at any time without changing the original object or any other attributes applied to the objects. Just like layers, you can move your appearances to any order you wish.

Appearance with pink, yellow, and blue. Appearance with green, red and blue. Symbols used in combination with the Symbolism tools offer options that make creating repetitive shapes easy. Creating symbols You can draw and create your own symbols using the Symbols palette. To create a symbol, do the following: 1. Select an object with the Selection tool.

Click on the New Symbol button on the Symbols palette. Delete the original on the art board once your new symbol appears in the Symbols palette. Select the Symbols Sprayer tool from the toolbox and select your new symbol in the palette. Click and drag to apply the symbols to the area you wish.

Editing symbols In the Symbols palette you can update attributes of your symbols without deleting the ones you already have on the art board. To update a symbol, do the following: 1. Click on the Place Symbol Instance button at the bottom of the Symbols palette. This will place the symbol one time in the middle of your page. Release when you see a black border around the original symbol. Saving frequently reduces the risk of losing the work you have been doing.

To save your Illustrator document, do the following: 1. Navigate to the place you would like your document to be saved by using the dropdown menu and the navigation window. Enter the name of your document in the Save As text ield.

Choose a format to save your project in from the Format dropdown menu.



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