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What Is A Microsoft Teams Room? | FAQs | MVS Audio Visual


Make sure to record your new password! You should also ensure that this newly created account is exempt from any password expiration policies, and that it does not require Multi-Factor Authentication MFA. If your organization does have a Microsoft password expiration policy, instructions can be found at the end of this post on how to exempt this new user from that policy.

Once you have done the preliminary work to create the room resource account, you are ready to begin configuring the room system. Instructions on how to pair these can be found in the appropriate quick start guide. When your system first boots, you will see the standard Windows prompts for language and keyboard layout selection.

Once those have been selected, the system will reboot a few times and you should be greeted by the Microsoft EULA page. Select the Agree checkbox at the bottom and tap Next. Select the appropriate option for your environment, which is generally Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams default. The next page will automatically populate the Exchange sign-in address based on the Email field from the Account screen.

Only modify the fields on this page if your environment requires it. Once you have reached the final page, you can tap the Finish button, and your system will reboot. When it comes back, it will automatically sign into Teams and Exchange based on the information you have entered. Once your system reboots, you should see the MTR home screen. You can now configure additional settings such as the theme, peripherals, and more. After you sign in, you will see the About page. This shows your MTR application version, Windows version, and network information at a glance.

The Account and Advanced pages will already have the information entered previously. On this page, you are able to configure various options controlling how the device behaves, such as enabling or disabling automatic screen sharing, showing meeting names, and automatically leaving meetings.

This is also where you can enable third party meeting direct guest join for Cisco Webex or Zoom. This page allows you to configure device specific settings, including support for dual Front of Room displays Dual monitor mode , support for proximity join from Teams clients Bluetooth beaconing , and allowing you to send logs to an email address. This page allows you to select the audio devices mic and speaker that the system will use. Additionally, you have the option to select a Content Camera, but this is only for Microsoft-certified whiteboard capture cameras.

You also have the option to select one of several included themes. If you wish to load your own custom background, follow the link below. Once you have configured the system to your liking, tap Save and exit. Depending on what configuration changed, your system may reboot. You can also tap Windows Settings to access the admin side of the device for more advanced settings. When you tap Windows Settings , you will be brought to the standard Windows 10 desktop. Crestron Flex systems also include a Crestron Settings application in the Start Menu, which allows you to pair with a control system, load a smart graphics project, configure advanced camera settings, and view device diagnostics.

Stay tuned for another blog post exploring those options further. Microsoft Configuration Creating the Resource Account. View fullsize. Select the supported meeting mode – Microsoft Teams Only, Skype for Business Only, or one of the two mixed-mode options.

If necessary, enable Modern Authentication. The Microsoft Teams Rooms app should signing in to Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business Server with the credentials entered above, and should also begin syncing its calendar with Exchange using those same credentials.

Microsoft Teams Rooms relies on the presence of certified console hardware. Even a correctly created image containing the Microsoft Teams Rooms console app will not boot past the initial setup procedure unless the console hardware is detected. For Surface Pro based solutions, the Surface Pro must be connected to its accompanying dock hardware to pass this check.

For more information about supported hardware, see Microsoft Teams Rooms requirements. Some non-English language users may need a physical keyboard connected to the console during initial setup in the event that symbols are not supported on the touch keyboard. Microsoft Teams Rooms needs to trust the certificates used by the servers it connects to.

In a case where the Certificate Authority is private, for instance an on-premises deployment with Active Directory and the Windows Certificate Authority, you can add the certificate to Microsoft Teams Rooms in a couple of ways:. You can join the console to Active Directory and that will automatically add the required certificates given the Certificate Authority is published to Active Directory normal deployment option.

You can install the certificate manually after the imaging process. Before you do this, you must complete Initial set up of the console. Place the console in admin mode see Admin mode and device management. You can join Microsoft Teams Rooms to your domain. A common example is a password enforcement policy that will prevent Microsoft Teams Rooms from starting up automatically. Sign into the console from the admin account see Admin mode and device management. For example, if your fully qualified domain is redmond.

If you would like to rename the computer when joining it to a domain, use the -NewName flag followed by the computer\’s new name. Use the following checklist while doing a final verification that the console and all its peripherals are fully configured:. Skip to main content. This browser is no longer supported. Table of contents Exit focus mode.

Table of contents. Note The following steps should only be used when creating a WIM-based image for mass deployment. Note Failure to create your Microsoft Teams Rooms installation media according to these instructions will likely result in unexpected behavior. Note The process below is for creating installation media to image new Microsoft Teams Rooms devices. Important The Windows 10 machine used to create the Microsoft Teams Rooms installation media must be on the same or later version of Windows as the target installation media.

Tip Each time the CreateSrsMedia. Note The following instructions work only for consoles created using Windows Creator\’s Update Windows 10 20H1 or later. Important Microsoft Teams Rooms relies on the presence of certified console hardware. Note Some non-English language users may need a physical keyboard connected to the console during initial setup in the event that symbols are not supported on the touch keyboard.


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