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This has led to a slight change in the minimum recommended system requirements, which is reflected in the most recent Windows 10 manuals and user guides. The changes were introduced with regards to Windows 10 being a multi-platform system that can be installed on smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and servers alike. To counter this, the developers decided to raise the minimum Windows 10 system requirements, which had remained the same since Quick Start: Surface Pro 4. This short PDF guide gives you an overview of the most important features of the Surface Pro 4 so you can get going quickly and be more productive, either at home or work.

Quick Start: Microsoft Edge. This PDF guide gives you an overview of the most important features of the Microsoft Edge browser so you can get going quickly and be more productive. Quick Start: Find it faster with Microsoft Edge.

This short PDF guide gives you an overview of searching for and finding answers with the Microsoft Edge browser so you can get going quickly and be more productive. Quick Start: Use Microsoft Edge to collaborate. Can you help us improve? Resolved my issue. Clear instructions. Easy to follow. No jargon. Pictures helped. Didn\’t match my screen. Depending on your settings you may also have a navigation pane running down the left side of the window Fig 2. This can be used a way of quickly jumping between your libraries and favourite folders.

This can show images and documents that you have created. Manage your files Search for iles Windows 10 includes a very useful search function that is just the thing for tracking down iles.

You will ind it towards the top-right area of the File Explorer window. Simply start typing in the box and any matching results 1 Create folder Right-click and will appear in the main ile window.

If you click within the search New Folder from the ribbon. Use this to search every location. File management Your hard drive is essentially made up of iles which reside within folders. Folders are a way of keeping everything organised on your hard drive. When arranging iles yourself, you can also create your own folders and name them as you see it.

You can move and copy iles around your hard drive to arrange them into your folders. Copying a ile is similar, but the outcome is that a duplicate version of the ile 3 Select location Click a location is created in another location while the original ile remains where from the list, or Choose Location it was.

It can also arrange them into orders that go beyond alphabetical sorting. Starting with the visual aspect, your iles can be shown in a list, as tiled icons or thumbnail images. These views can be chosen by clicking the View tab at the top of window, followed by clicking an entry from the selection underneath.

There is also a Detail view that shows your iles in a table along with detailed information such as ile size, date modiied etc. When in Detail view, you can decide what details are visible by right-clicking on the column titles at the Fig 3 With the Detail option you can view top of the display Fig 3.

Windows 10 also has a handy Group By option that can bunch 1 Select files Hold down Ctrl and together iles based on a certain measurement; for example, you click on the files you wish to add can batch photos together based on what day they were taken. Virtual ile libraries Libraries are collections of certain kinds of iles based on a theme.

By default these types include pictures, music, videos and documents. Strangely they are initially hidden in Windows Drag your mouse followed by Navigation Pane in the top-left corner. You can edit an existing folder by right-clicking an existing library and select Properties. You can then add and remove folders from the selected library. Below this are options to set the library icon and to optimise the library for a speciic ile type.

You new library and select Properties. Use the Add button to add folders. Rename it as required. The options here will afect how Windows looks and Control power options works. By taking time to learn them you can tweak your setup into Decide how and when Windows powers down working how you want it to.

Schedule tasks Create tasks that run at a designated time Launching Control Panel Choose display setup Determine how Windows 10 looks and feels There is more than one way to launch Control Panel and also more Protect your system than one way to view it.

Using your mouse, you can move your pointer to the upper Select input devices Set up voice recognition or an or lower corner of the right-hand side of the display. From here, on-screen keyboard drag the pointer up or down to make the Charms bar appear.

Select Settings followed by Control Panel. Alternatively, drag your mouse to the bottom left of the screen and right-click on the Windows icon. You can then select Control Panel from the menu that appears.

By default they are summarised by category Fig 1. You can choose to have either large Fig 2 or small icons displayed next to the tools that are at your disposal. Create a restore point Device Manager The Device Manager is where you can view and maintain all of the internal and external devices that connect to your computer. From here you can update drivers, disable or 1 Search for System Restore un-install devices. Right- Control Panel search box. If a device is not installed correctly it will be highlighted with a yellow icon.

With a desktop setup you may want your computer to sleep or shut down 2 Initiate System Restore Select after a certain amount of inactivity.

Such setups can be created by customising a Power Plan. Windows will now display the current plan that is in efect. You can also select an alternative plan and Windows will apply it immediately. You can always reset Power Plans back to default settings if you make unwanted changes 4 Restore point created Now sit back as Windows creates your system restore point. With this you can create automated tasks that come into efect at a time chosen by yourself. Perhaps you want to create your own regular maintenance cycle or have a daily blank word document open up as a prompt to write a new blog post.

You can also created tasks and edit tasks. You can adjust the scheduled timings. Note use the Create Task option them as required. In the next window you can enter a name and description of the task Fig 3. After this you can set how 1 Open defaults Select Default often the task occurs. Options include time-based measurements or Programs in the Control Panel event-based triggers such as when you log in. Ease of access Windows includes a number of settings that help make your PC easier to use should you have diiculty with the standard setup.

These can be found by opening the Ease of Access centre from within the Control Panel. Another tool that can also help visually is the magniier. Select this and the display will enlarge along with zoom controls that allow you to manipulate the display. There is also a high contrast option which can greatly alter the colour scheme into a more readable palette. This can be toggled by pressing left Alt, left Shift and Print Screen together.

Windows via speech. This will Restore Point in Control Panel. Depending on your setup you may see more than one fader. On the left is the device volume, which controls the overall volume. Other faders relate to other programs that may be running on your PC at the time. This means you can set varying levels of volume between a music- playing program, for example, and audio that may be playing in a web browser. Under every fader is a speaker icon; click it to mute the sound for that particular channel.

PC display options There is a good deal of lexibility available when it comes to the appearance of Windows. Change Screen Saver Select one and click Next. Click Next to do so. Select a screen saver from the menu. This includes options for changing your desktop background, the colour of the task bar and border, plus selecting a screen saver. This will create a new theme in your chosen name. This link contains more technical-based options that are concern tweaks such as screen brightness, colour calibration and resolution.

With resolution you can make everything smaller to it more things on the screen. Click on the adjust option and move the slider to tweak this setting Fig 4. Control the taking place. You can adjust how while you work. Click File Microsoft. Windows problems that may occur Get tips Read tips to help you use Windows Open Action Centre more effectively Notiications appear in the corner of the screen while you are using Read security advice Never miss another message again other applications for work or leisure.

You might see a notiication and dismiss it by clicking the Hear audio notifications cross in the corner. For these reasons, notiications are collected and Hear when new notifications are in the Action Centre organised in the Action Centre and you can see recent ones listed by opening the panel on the right. Click the Action Centre button at the right side of the taskbar. It is usually the one immediately before the clock. A panel opens on the right and the top part of it contains recent notiication messages.

If you want to clear out all the notiications, for example if you have read them or they are not important, click Clear Configure notifications all at the top of the panel. Expand notiications Only the important parts of a notiication are displayed. Turn on useful ones. Open Action Centre and click the little down arrow at the right of a notiication message to read more of the text.

You might not see everything, as some notiications can be too long, but shorter ones show in full. Take action Some notiications are merely bits of information and they might 2 Set notifications Scroll to the be useful, but you can ignore them. Other notiications require your bottom and use the switches to attention or you may need to perform an action. You can then deal with the message. Another notiication could be from Windows Defender, warning you that it has been some time since the computer was last scanned for malware.

Click the notiication and start Windows Defender, then click the button to perform a system scan. These notiications very useful and enable you to options and set a time. It also ofers a universal appeal, which means Grab some films Get films from the store to watch later that select apps such as Word Mobile will function pretty much the Fancy some music?

For example the tabs at the top ofer quick access to new apps, the latest games, music, and ilms and TV. Each header pretty much looks the same when you access it, so you do not have to re-learn anything. Starting from the Home tab you can scroll down the page to view the best crop of apps and services on ofer.

You can also use the top left back button to quickly return to a previous screen. The latter are useful for ine-tuning exactly what you want the store to show. Search for faster results While navigating the Store is straightforward, if you are 1 Find your item Navigate looking for a speciic app or through to the store and select service one of the fastest ways to the free item you want.

Once this is selected you can then enter what you are looking for. You can then select the item beneath to access the content. For the most part, a brief description will be available to you at the top of the screen, which can be expanded further using the More icon. If you keep scrolling further down the page you may ind screenshots alongside a Mobile or PC tab so you can switch between them to see what the app looks like in action on diferent platforms.

Directly 3 Downloading your app Your below this are the reviews alongside a score out of ive. Finally to the app will now start to download side you also have recommended applications or services that other to your device.

You can use the small Account icon at the top of the page to redeem codes to use in-store 4 Launch your Application Now click the Open icon to launch the app or use the Start menu. However in order to download any items from the store, including paid for content, you will need a Microsoft account and a payment card attached for purchases.

Thankfully you can quickly add a card to your account if you select the small circular Account icon, that depicts your proile picture, at the top right of the store and choose Payment Options. When it comes to downloading or buying items you will ind an icon at the top of the page and this will either show the word Free, Install if you already Fig 3 When buying items you have an own it or it will have a currency symbol inside to showcase the extra drop-out window appear to cancel the purchase cost in your native country.

Additionally most applications will ofer a free trial, so you can top of the page. Managing your downloads When you are apps are downloading you will briely see a progress bar — where the Free or Paid icon appeared — with the option to pause the download, restart or use the x icon to delete.

To access these options see your apps. After the web page loads you can then use the top left icons to move forwards and backwards through pages or use the Refresh icon — which looks like a circle with an arrow through it — to reload the page. Even so you may not appreciate this process, but thankfully the Edge browser can help with this by allowing you to tap into what it calls an InPrivate window.

This will then open up a new browser window, which will enable you 3 Customise! From the drop to search or enter websites as you did before. The problem here is that you could be distracted from the article by adverts or possibly ind it diicult to read especially if you are short of site if the choice of font size or style is not easy on the eye. Basically if you browse to an article on the web, once the page loads you will notice a book icon at the top right part of the interface.

From here, look for the Reading section, which will allow you to adjust the background of the Reading View and more 1 Access the Hub From the importantly the Font size. To quit out of the Reading View you just top of the browser select the re-click the book icon at the top. Hub icon. Add to Favourites and Reading list At the top of each webpage you visit you will notice a Star icon.

You can now access favourites. Foremost this will allow basic functions Advanced Settings. The latter allows you to search for words on the current page. Additionally you can open the page in Microsoft Edge, which may be useful for developers wishing to see what their site is like in the original browser. Make a Web Note One of the most exciting features of Edge is the ability to create Web Notes and save them locally or share with others; thus instead 3 Find Article text Head back to the main browser window and Share a Web Note locate an article with text.

Share icon. Basically when you access the dedicated Web Note icon at the top of the interface it actually freezes what you were looking at and from here you can annotate the page using a mouse or inger and a series of tools Fig 4. The Tools are accessible from the top left part of the screen and you can click on the irst tool to choose a Pen and colour combination Fig 4 A Web Note offers a means to before dragging a line from one point to say a speciic header of an annotate a web page using a series of intuitive tools article to showcase its importance.

Likewise you can use a highlighter tool to highlight a speciic sentence or paragraph on a page or add text notes via the Typed Note tool icon. Once the Web Note is inished you can either save this locally to your OneNote app or your Reading list that we spoke of before.

Additionally you can share the Web Note with others. From here toggle Cortana to on and when and services on your device prompted input your name, Brett for instance.

Once this is done select Next to inish. I have the same question Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. First and foremost, now Windows 10 gives the user much more control over the system updates. According to the renewed user guides, you can continue relying on the previous Windows 10 version until Microsoft discontinues its security support, which typically happens 18 months after release.

Moreover, the Windows 10 user guide of the Home version indicates you will be able to pause the ongoing system update for up to 35 days — this feature was previously available only to Windows 10 Professional users.


Manual for windows 10

This can show images and documents that you have created. Your most-used applications are listed on the left side where they are easily accessed Fig 1. We love Windows 10, but like a close relative, sometimes it can overstep boundaries and get on your nerves. You can access apps, games, music, movies, and TV shows on your compatible computer, tablet, or smartphone. Directly 3 Downloading your app Your below this are the reviews alongside a score out of ive. Tick the box if you need to search within zips. Right-click 3 Biggest is best Some tiles work a tile and select Turn live tile on or off as preferred. Change Screen Saver Select one and click Next.


Manual for windows 10.How to Use Windows 10 – Guide for Beginners & Power Users | Laptop Mag

How to get free Windows Windows 11 User Guide. Enhance images Word has some powerful features that enable you to format and enhance images that are in the text manual for windows 10 documents. Windows 10 now incorporates multiple читать больше to enhance and much more. Open two apps side by side 2 Rearrange the apps If app windows overlap, drag the titles to wineows. The options microsoft office 2019 professional mega free the tool bar reflect the toolbar available tasks Find handy shortcuts for common actions While using Windows 10 you may ind yourself performing certain actions on a regular basis, such as saving, printing and using Undo. After the web page loads you can then use the top left icons to move forwards and backwards manual for windows 10 pages or use the Refresh icon — which looks like a circle with an arrow through it — to reload the page. Windows via speech. All you need to do next is ensure 2 Select icon Now click on the manual for windows 10 your device, memory stick or Smartphone is plugged in wait Select icon via the very top of until the OS has installed the drivers for it winsows then click on the the page.❿

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