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Windows 10 auto login no password free download

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That means anybody can go to the registry key where the password is stored and find out what it is, even while the system is offline and not booted.

For that reason, this method should be used only if the others have failed. With both of the other methods above the password is encrypted. Click on Start and type Regedit , administrator privileges are required to run the Registry Editor. There are three main registry values in the Winlogon key which need editing or creating, a fourth if you want to log on via a domain.

The AutoAdminLogon value will already be present but the others may or may not be depending on your system. If they are not there, add each one as needed. Once the required three or four values are present, double click on each one in turn and edit its Value data to match the user you want to set up as auto logon.

Once you have completed entering the values, close the registry editor and restart to see if the changes have been successful. To revert the changes you have made and turn off the auto logon function, open the registry editor and go back to the Winlogon key from step 2. Double click on and change the AutoAdminLogon value to 0 , then optionally empty the DefaultPassword value data so the password is no longer visible. Tip: If you would rather not create and edit data in the registry in case you misspell or enter the wrong value, it will be easier to use a ready made registry file.

Edit the values for username, password and optionally domain. Save the file and double click it to add the data to your registry. Nothing bad will happen if you enter the wrong username or password in the registry. It will just produce an error at the logon screen and require you to manually select an account to logon with.

For those users specifically still using Windows XP, there is a program you might already have installed that can enable auto logon. If not, TweakUI is an essential little tweaking, fixing and enhancing tool made by Microsoft themselves you really should have installed. Download and install the program, open the Logon tree and click on Autologon.

Download TweakUI Powertoy. Hi, How do I logon all user simultaneously, I have a dedicated system with multiple user account which all needs to be logged on to sync OneDrive files. Seems like a foolish feature just to save 10 seconds or so, given that passwords are so important. People are obsessed with doing everything too fast.

Local account passwords are not really that secure and can be circumvented quite easily. As far as I know defaultDomainName is correct. Your instructions were very useful for me. But, I still need to remove the Administrator from the normal logon screen. Just hide it. Because we are using the same computer for a bunch of people. Dear Raymond Thank you. I have been pondering about it for some time and had tried solving it with my commonsense without much success. It took just few mins to solve the issue with your web details.

Just to say a really big thank-you for this excellent explanation. It was clear, easy to follow and extremely helpful. To turn off auto-logon, hit Disable.

Also, if the shift key is held down before the system performs an autologon, the autologon will be disabled for that logon. You can also pass the username, domain and password as command-line arguments:. Note: When Exchange Activesync password restrictions are in place, Windows will not process the autologon configuration. Feedback will be sent to Microsoft: By pressing the submit button, your feedback will be used to improve Microsoft products and services.

Privacy policy. Skip to main content. Contents Exit focus mode. Autologon v3. You can also pass the username, domain and password as command-line arguments: autologon user domain password Note: When Exchange Activesync password restrictions are in place, Windows will not process the autologon configuration. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Remove auto login windows 10 regedit free download.



Windows 10 auto login no password free download – How to Disable Windows 10 Login Password via the User Account Settings?

In order to login to Windows 10, a user has to enter a password for a local or Microsoft (online) account each time. This provides a certain. For a more secure automatic logon to Windows 10, we can use the free AutoLogon for Windows tool. We can do this using the following steps: 1. You can configure Windows 10 to auto login and boot straight to the desktop without entering user password. Here is how you can do it. Simply use double quotes for the domain if you don\’t need to use that argument. Download Sysinternals Autologon. Enable Auto Logon From The User Accounts. The next time the computer restarts, the account will sign in automatically. Apr 01, · 4. Enable Secure Automatic Logon without a Password Using.❿

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